Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrating black history month - Dutch style

Black History Month is really something only American's speak of - despite the fact the Netherlands supplied the world with thousands more slaves than North America.

In fact, the first slaves to grace the USA came thanks to the Dutch themselves. In 1626, the Dutch West Indies Company unloaded the first 11 Africans in their colony New Amsterdam, or present day NYC.

The West Indies Company went on to be known as "unquestionably the dominant European slave trader in Africa" throughout the mid-1600s, according to Herbert Klein's The Atlantic Slave Trade.

It's no surprise then that Stephen Colbert found the irony (and the humour!) in America's biggest Black History Month faux paux.

"Come and celebrate Black History Month with Heineken!"

Apparently, the folks at Heineken aren't so familiar with thier producing country's history.

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Celebrate Black History Month With Heineken
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daleypie said...

man, that takes some of the pressure off. good to know we didn't start it!