Thursday, January 28, 2010


Getting up at 7am is a lot harder when the sky looks about the same as it did when you went to bed. This week, I've been commuting from Amsterdam to Nieuw Vennep for work, which means a big change from my usual leisurely cycle.
Each morning I enjoy nearly all forms of public transportation, ranging from the tram to the bus, to the high-speed rail, and of course, bicycle.
Luckily, the rail system pumps out a number of trains heading my direction, so I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I'm the only one who brings a bike to work. Despite all the harassment I endure, I can proudly say I've been an eco-friendly non-driver for the past six years. Holler!


Dana said...

Thumbs up!

daleypie said...

nice wheels :) i wish i could ride to work but it doesn't sound as cool riding to marlton NJ as to Nieuw Vennep. you get the points!

Donn Lee said...

I don't envy waking at 7am but I do envy the rail system. My commute is 45 mins by car one-way.. If there's no traffic!

Vector said...

I'm back to biking. my house to work, 5 min. My house to beach, 8 min.