Monday, January 18, 2010

Hats for people

Amsterdam gets a tid bit nipply during the winter months, and this year has been no exception. Between the freezing canals and the crisp, cold air a lovely group of ladies found the courage to stand outside all morning last Saturday in an effort to make this a better world.

And just how did this motley crew of women expect to do something so grand? With handmade wool hats, that's how!

In a project called "Mutsen voor Mensen," beautiful hats were given away for free to 275 passerby's at the Spui square in Amsterdam. Anna, one of the project leaders who spoke to me said the idea was to do something good that doesn't cost money. "It's to show that you can do nice things without materialism or expecting in return," she said.

I was luck enough to be one of the first to recieve a hat, and even had the pleasure of meeting its maker, Anneke. She was a lovely woman who happily declared the hat "was made for you!" I couldn't agree more.


Vector said...

"Like" that video.

Donn Lee said...

gr8 stuff! i feel like i'm living in Amsterdam. or there in some part. thanks!